imbaseni_primary_school_donationLocated in the north part of the village, Imbaseni Primary was opened in 1971 with 45 student’s. In 2009, the total number of students has grown to 967. The school has 22 teachers and 11 classrooms.

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Our main classroom block: We had 8 classrooms and a student/classroom ratio of up to 200, until 3 years ago. At that time, we had no choice but put 200 students in the same classroom
Our three new classrooms in the last 30 years: 3 years ago, a Holland based organization helped us to build 3 classrooms. We are so happy about it. However, even with that. The largest class still have 160 students sharing a classroom.
Outdoor classroom: Due to space constraints,
our students take turn attending class outdoors under large fig tree.
 The school kitchen:  It takes more than 2 hours for many of us to go home for lunch so we have meals at school. This is the school kitchen where our lunch is prepared
Teachers' houses: Some of our teachers live on the school campus. The others walks long distance to get to the school. Neither their houses or the school have electricity.

School toilet: We have 16 toilets for 967 students. We need at least 18 more to meet the government's standard.
Our campus: Although there are physical constraints, we love our school and work hard to make it beautiful with flowers and trees.
Our efforts to keep school clean: We cherished our classroom and desks. WE take turns to keep it clean and we do not mind working hard.

Our headmaster is Mr.  Isaac Nanyaro. He has worked in the school for more than a decade. He has dedicated his life to help to improve the condition of the school.


Our teachers and supporters: (Clockwise from top left) Teacher Pallangyo, Teacher Mkonyi, Teacher Mafie, Teacher Mkenda, Teacher Matundu and Ken Mafie, a warm-hearted volunteer from a local NGO who helps collect information for this website.

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