Project Imbaseni is a collective effort between the local community of Imbaseni and external supporters. The aim of this project is to:
  • improve access to and quality of education for low income children at the local public school. We hope to accomplish this by jointly investing in infrastructure development and highly targeted support programs.

  • empower the community to pursue sustainable development through entrepreneurial training and social enterprise efforts.

 Our short-term goals are:

  • to provide the children in the village of Imbaseni access to a quality education

  • to help the community establish and operate profitable businesses that generate sufficient funds for small scale, on-going educational related projects.

Our long-term vision:

  • to develop a replicable model for other rural communities, like Imbaseni, to improve the education for their children and make meaningful and positive changes in their lives.

Our principles:

  • Community partnership: Partner with local community and government and seek their commitment to contribute resources and time

  • Self-reliance and sustainability: Work with the local community to develop social and business enterprises to generate funds in support of on-going small scale education related projects

  • Execution focus: Invest time and skills to insure successful execution and effective deployment of resources, rather than only focus on fund raising

  • No tolerance for corruption: Develop solid governance system; jointly commit to corruption monitoring with local parties



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