A day at Imbaseni Primary...
6:00am Students and teachers across the main road from the southern part of the village to go up the hill. It is 4.5 miles from here to the school. For those who live further south, they have already walked 2 mile to get to the main road.
7:30am After an hour and half, we are getting closer to the school. Now, we meet up with classmates from other directions. This is the beginning of another exciting school day.

As usual, we have our morning parade and inspection. Being given the lead on this ceremony is very special.


Today, we have a big meeting with our teachers, the students and their parents. We have meetings like this at the opening of every semester. We don't have an assembly hall, so we can only have meetings when the weather is good.


It is time for class. Its not easy to stay focused with more than 100 classmates in the same room. We do not have enough textbooks, so that we need to copy everything from the blackboard. Learning is important to us, so we don't mind.


Lunch time. We help serve food prepared in the small school kitchen.


Since we don't have enough classrroms, we are having class outside under the tree. We welcome the opportunity to learn but it is hot and noisy outside.

4:00pm tanzania_school When we can not afford new exercise books or uniforms, we wonder in the village rather than go to school. We really envy the kids who are leaving the schools happily in their uniforms at this hour.

After school, we help with the housework and tend to the cattle.

6:00pm study_home This our home. If we can, we will try to study before the sun goes down.

In the evening, we study by the candlelight and oil lamp. There is no electricity in the village, except near the main road. We cannot study for long as well since we need to save oil.

Then, we look forward to another morning ...

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